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Staff Application

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What is your in-game name?   Akatosh

How old are you?   27

What role do you believe suits you best?      i think helper would suit me but i can also be an admin

Why do you deserve this role?        i try my best to help and contirbute with all my knowledge i have

What experience do you have being a staff member on any Runescape private server?          i have been helper and admin in few servers and got moderate experience from it

Do you consider yourself to be active on the forums & discord?   forums not so much but discord im mostly active in it

What is your timezone?         GMT+1

How active are you in-game?     pretty active usually around 3-6 hours a day more when i have more time :)

Please write any extra information about yourself or your experience in the RSPS community ETC:     i'm from slovenia, some rsps's ppl liked me as staff, i am calm and nice guy =)

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