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Clitty Staff Application

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Hello! Thanks for taking the time to read!


What is your in-game name?

As of now, it is Isuckherclit. However, in the event I would be accepted as a member of staff, I would change this name as it is somewhat inappropriate for the position 🙂


How old are you?

Currently, I am 22


What role do you believe suits you best?

I am very malleable and able to fill any role as need.


Why do you deserve this role?

I make an honest attempt to include everyone that joins in many activities. I'm always giving away stuff to newer players so their playthrough is easier. I believe most of the player base is familiar with me at this point as well! Becoming staff would put me in a position to further help our community members and stimulate growth for Exide 🙂 !


What experience do you have being a staff member on any Runescape private server?

I have been in support, moderator, and admin positions on two different servers (each rising through promotions). I have also been in the position of community management, drafting announcements and staff sponsored events.


Do you consider yourself to be active on the forums & Discord?

As we are still relatively new, I have no forum activity yet. I hope to change this in the future, creating various guides and such. As per Discord, I would say i'm relatively active. I may not have many messages, but all message have been constructive and responding to questions about the client/bug reports.


What is your timezone?

Eastern Standard Time


How active are you in-game?


I think that answers this one fairly well 😄!


Please write any extra information about yourself or your experience in the RSPS community ETC:

-Easily approachable and personable

-Professional when necessary

-Easy going




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