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In-Depth guide (updated dec 2021)

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Welcome to my in-depth Infinity starter guide.


First thing you'll see is the modes you can play:

Normal = 2% Droprate & No restrictions

Ironman = 10% Droprate & can't trade / stake 

Ultimate Ironman = 20% Droprate & can't trade / stake & bank


Making starter cash methods

- Click archeology for a spade, dig anywhere for 1b tickets,1q tickets,$10 scroll (10 infinity points), starter keys & much more

start1(looks like this)

- Click divination for another skilling money making method.

downloaden-10(looks like this) its a rare chance to get trivia goodiebox from syphoning

- Doing ::train progression tasks.

(These give you great rewards to upgrade your setup / donor rank if you're very lucky on the extreme box)

- Slayer, Save 150 points per pokeball / donator box which can give various rewards and for ring of devotion which gives + 10 double drop rate (also can be bought in boss point shop)

-Voting, Sell or use your vote scrolls. If you're using them claim them for 1 vote point & 3t cash

Use your vote points for vote keys & use them on the vote orb.image.png.79c1279bae7b6a2cf5e8a53936f67df7.png each key can give up to 10m cash + extra reward as keys,chests,boxes and 5 infinity points

(Vote shop is located at home, South-West of the ::home teleport & Vote orb is located on the picture shown under here)



Progression zones after ::train


Monster teles:

(amount of kills for next zone - name - type of stats sets have)

70 Sonic ( 3k Melee)

80 Spyro (5k Ranged)

90 Sephiroth (5k Melee)

100 Voldemort (5k Magic)


Boss teles:

125 Abbadon (26,5k Melee)

150 Link (35k Melee)

175 Madara (43,5k Magic weapon + stone that turns it into a 57,5k Magic weapon +43.5k mage gear )

200 Assassin (45k Melee)

225 Dead Bone (55k Ranged)

250 Blood Lord (60k Melee)

300 Samurai (70k Melee)

350 Baphomet (80k Melee / Magic weapon and 50k gear)

400 Thanos (100k Magic weapon + Stones that turns it into a better weapon)

475 Storm Breaker (85k Melee)

550 Barrelchest (105k Ranged)

650 Sasuke (100k Melee)

750 Chaos Elemental (120k Magic)

875 Devil Beast (140k Melee)

1000 Blessed God (160k Melee)

1150 Rose Eater (180k Melee)


Ultra Bosses:

1300 Joker (190k Ranged)

1450 Darth Vader (215k Magic)

1650 Cloud Strife (240k Melee)

1850 Sora (285k Melee)

2100 Mysterio (330k Range)

2300 Whitebeard (360k Magic)

2600 Magma Satanic Devil (1.2M Melee Wep /Off hand + 700k Melee Cape)

2900 Trump (425k Ranged)

3200 Khestri (440k melee)

3500 Itachi Uchiha (480k magic)

--- Master Chief (512k range)


Global bosses:

- No kill count required to kill these.

- Global bosses respawn timer can be found in the 'quest tab' shown below.

-Click downloaden-13 then downloaden-12 then you'll see their respawn timers,alternatively can type ::wb


& Asaroth which spawns every 50.000 kills server wide.


These also drop 1 guaranteed 'global mystery box' loots are listed below:



Global Drops stats:

Undead Gold Dragon (2.5m Ranged)

Infinito (3.8M Melee)

Beezlebub (4.5M Magic)

Icy Vorago (5.5M Hybrid)


Owner Pieces (1M Hybrid + 3% DR)

Owner wings (1m Hybrid + 5% DR)



Respect for our member Redrhodes for making most of this guide, i only reposted it with editing zone,stat and some info changes

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