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Update patch 22 & 23

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-Infinity 317 Update Patch #22 14/10/21


  • New master chief boss  
  •  - New plasma rifle, 1-tick attack speed, attacks fewer npcs at once than previous range weapons.
  • - New halloween event, use ::hween to get there!  
  •  - New halloween set with 250k universal stats, and +4 drop rate boost (mainly from drops)
  •  - New draconic set with 450k universal stats, and +5 drop rate boost (from drops and upgrading halloween gear)
  •  - New pumpkin set with 700k universal stats, and +6 drop rate boost (upgraded from draconic gear at 100% success rate)
  • - New H'ween 2021 Mystery box with unique holiday items!
  • - New halloween pets!
  • BFG 9000, BFG 9000 off-hand, BFG 9000 Ultra, and BFG 9000 Ultra off-hand's stats have been increased.  
  • Global boss drop rates have been increased!  
  • Added prices to missing shop item values!  
  • Khestri's triple damage attack has been removed  
  • Baphomet's health has been increased  
  • Infinity point store prices have been adjusted  
  • Player owned shops can now only be used at ::home  
  • Vision gear's stats have been reduced  
  • Yellow partyhat has been added to the starter chest  

-Infinity 317 Update Patch #23 19/10/21


  • '- New Halloween Global Boss - Drops - Halloween Lord Set
  • with 2m stats and 5% dr
  • Speak to pumkin head at home for info! ::hwboss to fight!
  • '- Pumpkin Cape Now Gives Correct 6% Drop Bonus



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