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Update patch 19,20 & 21

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'-Infinity 317 Update Patch #19 25/9/21


  • '-BFG 9000 Now Upgradeable Into BFG 9000 Ultra
  • '-Correct Goku Model Inside DBZ Minigame
  • '-Obliterator New Ranged Gun 2.4M Stats
  • '-Owner Set Models All Now Show In Inventory
  • '-Changed Buu On DBZ Minigame Interface
  • '-fixed the mystery box interface to make it not close after you open one, and it now has only the "open" and "open all" buttons, if you open all with not enough room it just banks the loot (edited)
  • '-slowed down attack speed on some dbz npcs
  • '-you can no-longer claim donator ranks lower than your current rank.
  • '-removed irrelevant trivia questions
  • '-fixed damage boosts for pets
  • '-buu no-longer 1-hits you



'-Infinity 317 Update Patch #20 26/9/21



  • '- BFG ULtra now attacks with range 
  • '- Infinity 317 Management.



'-Infinity 317 Update Patch #21 02/10/21


  • npcs at training zone now drop money bags which give 50b-1q each, rarer to get 
  • over like 100b tho   
  • owner cape effect now has a max hit of 2b and is fixed at globals  
  • you respawn at the zone you're in while at ::train now  
  • there's banks there and a portal to bandicoots  
  • you can now forge the mythical blade using 100 of both mythical shards  
  • book of banking item added to bank anywhere for 50b each use  
  • itachi has significantly less health now  
  • dbz boss attack speeds were slowed down some  
  • you can no-longer summon multiple shenron's  
  • removed the pet restrictions   
  • asaroth blade is fixed   
  • slayer's fixed  
  • itachi is now multi



Have a great day and enjoy!

 Infinity 317 Management.

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