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Update Patch #13

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Infinity 317 Update Patch #13


  •  New Magma Satanic Devil Map Area

  • New Wizard Mage Set Now Dropped From Madara

  • All Pets Now Have Bonuses Listed On Forums

  • New Raiden World Boss Spawns Every 10k Server Wide Kills

  • New Pet Mystery Box, Combat Box, Lucky Combat Box & Necklace Of Looting To Automatically Bank Loots Added To Webstore

  • New Killcount Interface To Check Your Killcounts With Command ::kc

  • Storm Breaker Maul Is Now AOE

  • Agro Rings Now Have Defensive Stats

  • Executive & Devine Donators Can Now Solo Raids With Team Requirements

  • Avengers Raid Pet Drops Rates Adjusted According To Rarity

  •  Avengers Raid NPC's Now Attack All Team Members

  • Weapon Stats Now Show Correct Bonuses

  • You Can Now Redeem Donator Ranks As Ironmen And Staff 


Greetings & Sincerely,

The Infinity317 Management.

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