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Update Patch #12

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Infinity 317 Update Patch #12


  • Staff without the proper donator rank no-longer get infinite prayer. 
  • A new lottery system has been added, use ::lottery to enter! 
  • A brand new Avengers raid has been added!   -> guide link 
  • Global boss weapons are now AOE. 
  • Item stats have been adjusted. 
  • Melee items are now upgradable up to hell-malevolent. 
  • Ring of aggression has been made more obtainable. 
  • AOE no-longer allows you to AFK kill npcs. 
  • Drop rate will now reflect on the displayed drop rate on the drop viewer. 
  • Global boss timers will no-longer go out of sync or show "active" when they're not spawned. 
  • Divine donator now has unlimited prayer. 
  • Command links now work.  (::forums , ::discord, etc 
  • Owner wings now give +5 drop rate. 
  • Global boss weapons are now AOE. 
  • Ultra boss melee defence stats have been nerfed. 
  • Killcount is now sent every 50 kills rather than 100.  (every 10 before 100 kills)
  •  Bank added near home teleport. 


Greetings & Sincerely,

The Infinity317 Management.

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