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Avengers Raid Guide & Pet Bonuses

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Avengers Team Raid



Note: These are the spawns in order from 1 to 9 & boss room = wave 10 (final wave).


92 prayer for Soul Split

Strong Weapon & Gear

3 Strong Team members


Note: at the end of the raid not dropped by the npcs itself.



Pet Bonusses:


Pet Ant Man

30% Drop Bonus

30% Tribrid Damage Bonus


Pet Captain America

20% Drop Bonus

20% Damage Absorbsion


Pet Spiderman

20% Drop Bonus

25% Tribrid Damage Bonus


Pet Drax The Destroyer

15% Drop Bonus

20% Tribrid Damage Bonus


Pet Black Panther

15% Drop Bonus

15% Tribrid Damage Bonus


Pet Dr Strange

15% Drop Bonus

15% Damage Absorbsion


Pet Iron Man

10% Drop Bonus

10% Tribrid Damage Bonus

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