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Update Patch #10

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Infinity 317 Update Patch #10


  • Added More Global Boss HP, He now has 50B HP ! 
  • A  New Donald Trump Boss & USA Range Gear  is now in game! 
  • The DPS Counter & Progression Interface has moved to the Top Of Screen  
  • Slight tweak to the Collector Amulet, Now it also Collects Caskets, Fragments and Clue Scrolls  
  • New Trumps Bitch Pet in game  (which has Soul Split Effect)  
  • Once You Prestige, your Prayer Stays Active  
  • Adjusted Sora's Max Hit  
  • AOE System Updates  
  • Owner Sword is now AOE  
  •  USA Minigun is now  AOE  
  •  Magma Devil Hammer is Now AOE  
  • Key Blade is Now AOE  
  • Rocket Launcher is Now AOE  


Greetings & Sincerely,

The Infinity317 Management.

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