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upgrade tiers

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hi, as you noticed that we have only few upgrade ontions in upgrade section, i want to offer that admin would add gear upgrade option. And stuff keep stacking 2kBFkER.png 

Which starts from Zeus sets to Hell malevolant.

Zeus to Link 90% upgrade chance. 500b per piece(upgrade cost)

Link to Assassin 85% 1.5T

Assassin to blood lord  75%

Blood lord to Samurai 65% 10T

Samurai to baphond 55% 20T

Baphond to Strombreaker 45% 40T

Strombreaker to grand master 35% 70T

Grand M. to Blessed god 30% 90T

Blessed god to RoseEater 25% 100T


Same to range and mage sets.


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