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  1. Infinity 317 Update Patch #15 (31/8/21) New Asaroth Boss To Replace Raiden and Asaroth Set now Added ✅ Security Updates To Client & Server ✅ New Staff Zone ✅ Buffed Owner Sword Npc Attack Amount ✅ Buffed USA Minigun Attack Speed ✅ Added New Trivia Questions (Redrhodes) ✅ Added Deffensive Stats To Alot Of Armours ✅ Pets Attack Option Now Fixed ✅ Greetings & Sincerely, The Infinity317 Management.
  2. Redrhodes

    Trivia Answers

    Trivia Answers donabab Answer: Abbadon kiln Answer: Link oetmhabp Answer: Baphomet Who is the boss based off Naruto? Answer: Uchiha Madara Which is the best marvel character? Answer: Ironman Where can you find more server information, such as rules? Answer: Discord What slayer level is required for boss slayer? Answer: 92 What is the highest tier of pet on Infinity317? Answer: Dream How many different types of Infinity Stones are required to charge the Infinity Gauntlet? Answer: 6 Who's the Community Manager? Answer: Redrhodes What is the max level in a skill? Answer: 150 QUESTION_12("What should I do every day to help the server? Answer: Vote What drops indian gear? Answer: Dragon Guess a number 1-10? Answer: 1-10 speaks for itself. In what month did we release? Answer: august
  3. Infinity 317 Update Patch #14 (29/08/2021) Corrected upgrade data for agro rings, cursed sasuke, and blessed gear. ✅ Lowered KC requirements ✅ Made agro rings a lot more obtainable. ✅ You will no-longer plant black/white flowers. ✅ Marvel raid is now more doable ✅ Raids now give raid mystery boxes ✅ You can now operate agro rings to reset agro timer ✅ The new Looting amulet now gives 20% drop rate boost. ✅ You no-longer lose items on death in the wilderness ✅ Greetings & Sincerely, The Infinity317 Management.
  4. [Forum/Discord] Infinity 317 Update Patch #2 (28/08/2021) Forums: Updated Pet guide ✅ Updated Box loot guide ✅ Discord: Added support ticket system #help ✅ Added Invite tracking system #invites ✅ Added #spam-nfsw ✅ Greetings & Sincerely, The Infinity317 Management.
  5. [Forum/Discord] Infinity 317 Update Patch #1 (27/08/2021) Forums: Updated News & Announcements (update logs) ✅ Updated Avengers raid guide ✅ Updated Lay out of the official rules ✅ Cleaned up forums ✅ Discord: Updated #🔗links🔗 ✅ Added #📢rules📢 ✅ Added #🎁giveaways🎁 ✅ Cleaned up #💡suggestions💡 ✅ Added ballot_box_with_check to the implemented #💡suggestions💡 ✅ Pinned Promotions in #📢announcements📢 ✅ Greetings & Sincerely, The Infinity317 Management.
  6. Infinity 317 Update Patch #13 (28/08/2021) New Magma Satanic Devil Map Area ✅ New Wizard Mage Set Now Dropped From Madara ✅ All Pets Now Have Bonuses Listed On Forums ✅ New Raiden World Boss Spawns Every 10k Server Wide Kills ✅ New Pet Mystery Box, Combat Box, Lucky Combat Box & Necklace Of Looting To Automatically Bank Loots Added To Webstore ✅ New Killcount Interface To Check Your Killcounts With Command ::kc ✅ Storm Breaker Maul Is Now AOE ✅ Agro Rings Now Have Defensive Stats ✅ Executive & Devine Donators Can Now Solo Raids With Team Requirements ✅ Avengers Raid Pet Drops Rates Adjusted According To Rarity ✅ Avengers Raid NPC's Now Attack All Team Members ✅ Weapon Stats Now Show Correct Bonuses ✅ You Can Now Redeem Donator Ranks As Ironmen And Staff ✅ Greetings & Sincerely, The Infinity317 Management.
  7. Redrhodes


    Frequently Asked Questions & their answers: Where do i start?: - Start by ::vote & ::voted to claim - Click to get a spade & dig around, you can obtain various rewards such as 10$ scroll (ingame points). - Make an afk alt account. Click then & buy Save afk tickets for pokeballs for better dr pets & sell the 1$'s you get to buy a collector necklace. - After finishing train you can head out multiple directions (slayer, starter raid, continue zones) Next zone information & stats can be found here What's best to donate for?: - In my opinion the following items are my top picks: Where can I sell my junk?: - Currently we do NOT have a junk store yet but you can sell items in ::pos & upgrade others: To upgrade click then These 2 have beginner items you can upgrade: & Note: Will add more once i have more time / suggestions on FAQ's
  8. Infinity 317 Update Patch #12 (25/08/2021) Staff without the proper donator rank no-longer get infinite prayer. ✅ A new lottery system has been added, use ::lottery to enter! ✅ A brand new Avengers raid has been added! ✅ -> guide link Global boss weapons are now AOE. ✅ Item stats have been adjusted. ✅ Melee items are now upgradable up to hell-malevolent. ✅ Ring of aggression has been made more obtainable. ✅ AOE no-longer allows you to AFK kill npcs. ✅ Drop rate will now reflect on the displayed drop rate on the drop viewer. ✅ Global boss timers will no-longer go out of sync or show "active" when they're not spawned. ✅ Divine donator now has unlimited prayer. ✅ Command links now work. ✅ (::forums , ::discord, etc ) Owner wings now give +5 drop rate. ✅ Global boss weapons are now AOE. ✅ Ultra boss melee defence stats have been nerfed. ✅ Killcount is now sent every 50 kills rather than 100. ✅ (every 10 before 100 kills) Bank added near home teleport. ✅ Greetings & Sincerely, The Infinity317 Management.
  9. Infinity 317 Update Patch #11 (22/08/2021) World bosses now drop global mboxes, and have less health, except vorago. ✅ Baphont gear is now mage-melee hybrid. ✅ Ring of aggression tier 1 & 2 is now obtainable through global mystery boxes. ✅ Owner gear now gives +3% drop rate each. ✅ Prayer is no-longer spam-reduced in combat scripts. ✅ Food now heals up to your max hp. ✅ Mysterio has a new map. ✅ Collectors amulet now lets you drop items. ✅ Staff and ironman can now also be donators. ✅ Greetings & Sincerely, The Infinity317 Management.
  10. 1) There is an unused wilderness resource area we could re-use perhaps. 2) Great idea! 4) needs to be added currently the only tinderbox seller is at ::dzone -> will put tinders in my pos 1 ea
  11. Welcome to my in-depth Infinity starter guide. First thing you'll see is the modes you can play: Normal = 2% Droprate & No restrictions Ironman = 10% Droprate & can't trade / stake Ultimate Ironman = 20% Droprate & can't trade / stake & bank Making starter cash methods - Click archeology for a spade, dig anywhere for 1b tickets,1q tickets,$10 scroll (10 infinity points), starter keys & much more (looks like this) - Click divination for another skilling money making method. (looks like this) - Doing ::train progression tasks. (These give you great rewards to upgrade your setup / donor rank if you're very lucky on the extreme box) - Slayer, Save 150 points per pokeball / donator box which can give various rewards. -Voting, Sell or use your vote scrolls. If you're using them claim them for 1 vote point & 3t cash. Use your vote points for vote keys & use them on the vote orb. (Vote shop is located at home, South-West of the ::home teleport & Vote orb is located on the picture shown under here) Progression zones after ::train Monster teles: 80 Sonic ( 3k Melee) 90 Spyro (5k Ranged) 100 Sephiroth (5k Melee) 120 Voldemort (5k Magic) Boss teles: 150 Abbadon (15k Melee + AOE weapon) 170 Link (20k Melee) 230 Madara (30k Magic weapon + stone that turns it into a 40k Magic weapon +43.5k mage gear ) 360 Assassin (45k Melee) 500 Dead Bone (55k Ranged + AOE) 650 Blood Lord (60k Melee) 800 Samurai (70k Melee) 950 Baphomet (71,8k Melee / Magic) 1100 Thanos (80k Magic weapon + Stones that turns it into a 95k Magic weapon + AOE) 1275 Storm Breaker (95k Melee) 1475 Barrelchest (105k Ranged) 1700 Sasuke (100k Melee) 1950 Chaos Elemental (120k Magic + AOE) 2200 Devil Beast (140k Melee) 2450 Blessed God (160k Melee) 2700 Rose Eater (180k Melee) Ultra Bosses: 2950 Joker (240k Ranged + AOE) 3250 Darth Vader (280k Magic + 5% DR) 3500 Cloud Strife (340k Melee + 5% DR) 3800 Sora (500k Melee + 5% DR) 4200 Mysterio (525k Ranged + 5% DR) 4400 Whitebeard (560k Magic + 6% DR + AOE) 4600 Magma Satanic Devil (2.2M Melee Wep AOE /Off hand + 700k Melee Cape) ? Trump (700k Ranged + 5% DR + AOE) Global bosses: - No kill count required to kill these. - Global bosses respawn timer can be found in the 'quest tab' shown below. -Click then then you'll see their respawn timers. & Raiden which spawns every 10k kills server wide. These also drop 1 guaranteed 'global mystery box' loots are listed below: Global Drops stats: Undead Gold Dragon (750k Ranged) Infinito (3.8M Melee) Beezlebub (4.5M Magic) Icy Vorago (5.5M Hybrid) Raiden ? Exclusive Donator Dragon (500k Melee + 5% Droprate & 5% Double Droprate) Owner Pieces (1M Hybrid + 3% DR) Owner wings (1m Hybrid + 5% DR)
  12. Redrhodes

    Box Loot Guide

    big thanks bro