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  1. When you first join you have a selection to pick between Normal mode, Ironman, and Ultimate Ironman Ironman mode provides a 10% drop rate boost and Ultimate ironman mode gives you 20% drop rate. The first thing after creating your character is to go into your skills tab, and click on the archaeology skill and you will recive a shovel You can dig with the spade to recieve rewards like 1b scrolls, these can be added to your money pouch and are used as currency in the game. You can also get things like 10$ donator bonds and 1q scrolls. The main thing here as a beginner is to get starter keys and use them on the chest at home. The spade can be used while fighting NPCs so make sure you always have it on you, you can always spawn another one in the skills tab. One of the best rewards you can get out of this chest is the Zeus armour which is what you are looking to get from here until you get to the Boss NPC link which has the next best tier armour. Zeus is a melee armour set but there are other useful range items and mage items to use until you get the weapon and a few pieces of armour Prestiging is very Important, once you hit level 99 you are able to prestige your combat skills and PVM level! Every time you get to the next level you right click in your skills tab and click prestige to get to the max level of 150. . One last thing is the upgrade system and Infernal keys/chests The upgrade system is located in the quest tab The anvil on the bottom right is the upgrade system You can get clue scrolls that can be opened for caskets, these caskets can be upgraded here into infernal chests, which you also get from archaeology. Your starter keys can also be upgraded, but is not reccomended. Type ::train to get started on your adventure and you will get some rewards for completing the starter area such as donator boxes and weapons. Have fun, I hope this guide helped you get started on Infinity317!