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  1. Titan

    Price Guide

    These prices may or may not be fully accurate just yet, they're just to give you an idea of what stuff is worth. Zeus armor: 125t - 175t Zeus weapon: 600t - 900t Link armor: 150t - 225t Wizard armor: 250t - 350t Madara fan: 400t - 600t Madara stone: 500t - 800t Madara fan (x): 900t - 1.3q Assassin gear: 225t - 375t Dead bone armor: 350t - 550t Dead bone bow: 1q - 1.5q Bone lord gear: 350t - 550t Samourai gear: 400t - 650t Baphomet gear: 350t - 550t Infinity gauntlet: 700t - 900t Infiity stones: 500t - 700t each Charged infinity gauntlet: 4q - 6q Storm breaker gear: 750t - 1q Storm breaker maul: 2q - 3q Aqantium gear: 1.25q - 2q Aqantium spirit shield: 4q - 6q Destruction gear: 1.5q - 2.25q Destruction spirit shield: 4q - 6q Staff of destruction: 8.5q - 12.5q Grandmaster gear: 1.5q - 2.5q Blessed gear: 2q - 3q Hell malevolent gear: 2.5q - 3.5q Joker gear: 3q - 5q Rocket launcher: 12.5q - 17.5q Darth vader gear: 4q - 6q Cloud strife gear: 3.5q - 5.5q Sora gear: 4q - 6q Mysterio gear: 6q - 8q Whitebeard gear: 7q - 9q Whitebeard staff: 17.5q - 22.5q Infernal cape: 25q - 35q Magma devil hammers: 30q - 40q USA Gear: 8q - 12q USA Minigun: 17.5q - 25q Khestri gear: 9q - 13q Khestri glaive: 25q - 35q Ring of aggression: - 45s: 350t - 650t - 1m30s: 850t - 1.5q - 2m30s: 3q - 5q - 4m: 10q - 15q - 7m: 30q - 50q - 10m: 80q - 120q - 15m: 200q - 300q.
  2. What is your in-game name? How old are you? What role do you believe suits you best? Why do you deserve this role? What experience do you have being a staff member on any Runescape private server? Do you consider yourself to be active on the forums & discord? What is your timezone? How active are you in-game? Please write any extra information about yourself or your experience in the RSPS community ETC: