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  1. -Infinity 317 Update Patch #22 14/10/21 New master chief boss - New plasma rifle, 1-tick attack speed, attacks fewer npcs at once than previous range weapons. - New halloween event, use ::hween to get there! - New halloween set with 250k universal stats, and +4 drop rate boost (mainly from drops) - New draconic set with 450k universal stats, and +5 drop rate boost (from drops and upgrading halloween gear) - New pumpkin set with 700k universal stats, and +6 drop rate boost (upgraded from draconic gear at 100% success rate) - New H'ween 2021 Mystery box with unique holiday items! - New halloween pets! BFG 9000, BFG 9000 off-hand, BFG 9000 Ultra, and BFG 9000 Ultra off-hand's stats have been increased. Global boss drop rates have been increased! Added prices to missing shop item values! Khestri's triple damage attack has been removed Baphomet's health has been increased Infinity point store prices have been adjusted Player owned shops can now only be used at ::home Vision gear's stats have been reduced Yellow partyhat has been added to the starter chest -Infinity 317 Update Patch #23 19/10/21 '- New Halloween Global Boss - Drops - Halloween Lord Set with 2m stats and 5% dr Speak to pumkin head at home for info! ::hwboss to fight! '- Pumpkin Cape Now Gives Correct 6% Drop Bonus
  2. '-Infinity 317 Update Patch #19 25/9/21 '-BFG 9000 Now Upgradeable Into BFG 9000 Ultra '-Correct Goku Model Inside DBZ Minigame '-Obliterator New Ranged Gun 2.4M Stats '-Owner Set Models All Now Show In Inventory '-Changed Buu On DBZ Minigame Interface '-fixed the mystery box interface to make it not close after you open one, and it now has only the "open" and "open all" buttons, if you open all with not enough room it just banks the loot (edited) '-slowed down attack speed on some dbz npcs '-you can no-longer claim donator ranks lower than your current rank. '-removed irrelevant trivia questions '-fixed damage boosts for pets '-buu no-longer 1-hits you '-Infinity 317 Update Patch #20 26/9/21 '- BFG ULtra now attacks with range '- Infinity 317 Management. '-Infinity 317 Update Patch #21 02/10/21 npcs at training zone now drop money bags which give 50b-1q each, rarer to get over like 100b tho owner cape effect now has a max hit of 2b and is fixed at globals you respawn at the zone you're in while at ::train now there's banks there and a portal to bandicoots you can now forge the mythical blade using 100 of both mythical shards book of banking item added to bank anywhere for 50b each use itachi has significantly less health now dbz boss attack speeds were slowed down some you can no-longer summon multiple shenron's removed the pet restrictions asaroth blade is fixed slayer's fixed itachi is now multi Have a great day and enjoy! Infinity 317 Management.
  3. Infinity 317 Update Patch #18 21/9/21 '- New Itachi Uchiha boss and mage set with 480k stats. '- New end-game Dragon Ball Z minigame (Requires 2750 mysterio kills to unlock). '- Goku gear has the guthan's set effect. '- Gogeta gear has the dharok's set effect '- ::stopupdate command just in case. '- Added more darth vader spawns. '- Vote keys now give up to 10q cash each time (rare). '- Melee is now more effective on ultra bosses. '- Raids reward calculations are now more fair towards players who've dealt less damage in the raid. '- Invictus gear is now tribrid. '- Invictus weapons now have 1.2m stats, and hit faster. '- 45s agro rings can now be sold to the junk shop. '- All known auto-gambling issues are now fixed. '- The DPS counter is now formatted down to the nearest million, billion, trillion, etc. '- You can now sell USA and Khestri gear to the general shop. '- Some items now have a minimum price in the player owned shops. '- All slayer master should now work properly '- Divine donators will now receive their monthly 50 infinity points. '- Infinity 317 Management.
  4. Infinity 317 Update Patch #16 04/9/21 Owner cape now has 1.25m stats, and 8% drop rate boost You can now purchase items from shops New maps for chaos elementals, dead bone guardians, and cloud strife. Everyone can now solo raids. Staff yell titles have been fixed Vote boss now spawns every 15 votes, and gives global mystery boxes. Drop rate bonuses have been added for vision gear, as well as global boss gear. You're now able to do slayer tasks up to Khestri. Drop rate boosts have been added to agro rings. Agro rings now work properly. Infinity 317 Update Patch #17 06/9/21 All Models Now Render Properly And No Longer Turn Invisible. Old Owner Set Is Back. Fullscreen and Resizable Now Fixed. Chatbox On Resizeable Now Recoloured. Greetings & Sincerely, The Infinity317 Management.
  5. Neev


    Great suggestions! I fully agree on 2 , 3 ,5 and 6 I am pretty sure of what you said is being worked on, but those are needed! about the unlimited prayer I am not mistaken at certain donator level that is one of the perks. but maybe make items - gear drain your points slower. about the interface, I think it could be nice if it doesn't cause too much bugs.
  6. Hey there quick post about things I thought of - 1) Making a new area for skilling other than home just place all skilling things in a big open area (sounds easy but it is a lot of work.) 2) I know skilling isn't too much rewarding at the moment\ is "the thing" on our server , but maybe there could be tweaks for it too? - say like divination skill gives out random goodie bags, maybe have shards of each skill with skilling shards shop and with that you can buy gear and such from skilling. 3) Fishing spot banker doesn't work. 4) The is no skilling shop currently in game (or at least I didn't face any yet) - even just for the basic stuff like tinder box. 5) Moving dead bone guardian to a more open space area, as even with aoe wep they are reaaaaally slow to kill. Will continue updating once I think of more stuff
  7. Hello there everyone, Quick post putting up a format for reporting other players. Lets hope we don't use it at all but if you do please follow this format so we could give you the best fastest and accurate answer for your problem! Thank you very much and have a great rest of the day! Infinity 317 Management The format - (copy and paste this and edit the parts that are needed, if you don't have anything to fill in one of the line just leave it empty.) Your in game name - The other player(s) in game name - Date (when the incident happened) - Time (Be as much accurate as you can!) What happened - (Your story here, your words) Evidence - (Screen shots and such to prove what happend.)
  8. Neev

    upgrade tiers

    Hmm seems like an interesting idea!
  9. Infinity 317 Update Patch #10 (21/08/2021) Added More Global Boss HP, He now has 50B HP ! ✅ A New Donald Trump Boss & USA Range Gear is now in game! ✅ The DPS Counter & Progression Interface has moved to the Top Of Screen ✅ Slight tweak to the Collector Amulet, Now it also Collects Caskets, Fragments and Clue Scrolls ✅ New Trumps Bitch Pet in game ✅ (which has Soul Split Effect) Once You Prestige, your Prayer Stays Active ✅ Adjusted Sora's Max Hit ✅ AOE System Updates ✅ Owner Sword is now AOE ✅ USA Minigun is now AOE ✅ Magma Devil Hammer is Now AOE ✅ Key Blade is Now AOE ✅ Rocket Launcher is Now AOE ✅ Greetings & Sincerely, The Infinity317 Management.
  10. Great Guide! thank you for that!