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    Infinity 317 Update Patch #18 21/9/21 '- New Itachi Uchiha boss and mage set with 480k stats. '- New end-game Dragon Ball Z minigame (Requires 2750 mysterio kills to unlock). '- Goku gear has the guthan's set effect. '- Gogeta gear has the dharok's set effect '- ::stopupdate command just in case. '- Added more darth vader spawns. '- Vote keys now give up to 10q cash each time (rare). '- Melee is now more effective on ultra bosses. '- Raids reward calculations are now more fair towards players who've dealt less damage in the raid. '- Invictus gear is now tribrid. '- Invictus weapons now have 1.2m stats, and hit faster. '- 45s agro rings can now be sold to the junk shop. '- All known auto-gambling issues are now fixed. '- The DPS counter is now formatted down to the nearest million, billion, trillion, etc. '- You can now sell USA and Khestri gear to the general shop. '- Some items now have a minimum price in the player owned shops. '- All slayer master should now work properly '- Divine donators will now receive their monthly 50 infinity points. '- Infinity 317 Management.