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    What is your in-game name? Cultzz How old are you? 28 What role do you believe suits you best? Helper Why do you deserve this role? I'm all for the community, helping people along their journey, having many conversations with people making a lot of good friends along the way, I always try to guide people in the direction and always happy to be a listening ear plus I always go out of my way to help the community anyway I can a good prime example of this is farming for lower tier bosses when someone asks if I have a certain item one of the many ways I help guide the community we have on Infinity What experience do you have being a staff member on any Runescape private server? zero experience, I always feel I don't have enough server knowledge to become a helper; but on this server and the hours ive put in I feel comfortable to apply. Do you consider yourself to be active on the forums & discord? Fairly active, More of an in-game persona What is your timezone? BST How active are you in-game? Incredibly active ingame through holidays and weekends, and on evenings till dark working days Please write any extra information about yourself or your experience in the RSPS community ETC: I have played RSPS and OSRS for over a decade ive been in various communities and this one feels like a home! supporting the server in anyway I can everyday god bless ❀️
  3. Kamoo

    Shoutbox feature

    Unsure if invision has a shoutboard-type chat, cause that screenshot's from a vbulletin forum. Nevertheless, still a good suggestion.
  4. The suggestion I bring would be to add a shoutbox where people with forum accounts can talk with each other, this might bring more traffic to the fourms, food for thought. πŸ˜„
  5. Helped me when I first starter a couple of days ago, thanks!
  6. lily

    Owner Aura

    +1 sounds amazing!
  7. What is your in-game name? WibblyWobbly How old are you? 34 What role do you believe suits you best? support Why do you deserve this role? i belive i give good advice to players of all levels and knowalge, i like to help the new guys and teach the ways of this server πŸ™‚ i just like to help people out before they get overwhelmed What experience do you have being a staff member on any Runescape private server? i dont have any Do you consider yourself to be active on the forums & discord? active on discord yes, forums not so much as not many are using on a daily basis What is your timezone? gmt+0 (uk) How active are you in-game? 12-18 hrs a day 7 days a week πŸ˜› Please write any extra information about yourself or your experience in the RSPS community ETC: i have played ALOT of the RSPS servers out there, this one is by far the best i have come accross and such friendly staff memebrs, have played osrs and rs3 on multiple edditions hehe, many thanks WibblyWobbly x
  8. What is your in-game name? Pvmbomb How old are you? 30 Why do you deserve this role? Hmm I'm not gonna lie I don't think I deserve this role more then anyone else, but I do beleive I could Help out A lot of new/old players and willing to learn from everyone, to enhance my knowledge of the server and thereforth. What experience do you have being a staff member on any Runescape private server? I know most applictions you probably will have people saying they have loads of experience they may or may not I don't know, but I can tell you I've been A mod and then admin on only one server which sadly closed down, I have also owned A server with a good friend back in the day on moparscape. Do you consider yourself to be active on the forums & discord? yes and no I'm very active as in being on discord in which I do need to be more active in the discord server it's self, and as for the fourms I would love to be very active as I used to be a admin on some fourms. What is your timezone? UTC -6 How active are you in-game? I'm fairly active in game and my work will be closeing soon, So I'll be very active at that time anywhere from 6-12 hours a day I think. Please write any extra information about yourself or your experience in the RSPS community ETC: I'm a father of 3 beautiful kids I have a wife named kandy, three dogs one cat. I enjoy talking to strangers and making new friends, I also have experence in psychology and which I used to help elderly people and some young people. I have no problem with people needing to message me and asking any question they may have, Also If I don't know the answer I will make sure to go out of my way and find the answer asap. Well that about wraps in up in a small answer lol If anyone would like to know more about me please don't be shy and just ask. SEE YOU ALL IN GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Great guide for new players, thanks for updating it with latest info! πŸ™‚
  10. Welcome to my in-depth Infinity starter guide. First thing you'll see is the modes you can play: Normal = 2% Droprate & No restrictions Ironman = 10% Droprate & can't trade / stake Ultimate Ironman = 20% Droprate & can't trade / stake & bank Making starter cash methods - Click archeology for a spade, dig anywhere for 1b tickets,1q tickets,$10 scroll (10 infinity points), starter keys & much more (looks like this) - Click divination for another skilling money making method. (looks like this) its a rare chance to get trivia goodiebox from syphoning - Doing ::train progression tasks. (These give you great rewards to upgrade your setup / donor rank if you're very lucky on the extreme box) - Slayer, Save 150 points per pokeball / donator box which can give various rewards and for ring of devotion which gives + 10 double drop rate (also can be bought in boss point shop) -Voting, Sell or use your vote scrolls. If you're using them claim them for 1 vote point & 3t cash Use your vote points for vote keys & use them on the vote orb. each key can give up to 10m cash + extra reward as keys,chests,boxes and 5 infinity points (Vote shop is located at home, South-West of the ::home teleport & Vote orb is located on the picture shown under here) Progression zones after ::train Monster teles: (amount of kills for next zone - name - type of stats sets have) 70 Sonic ( 3k Melee) 80 Spyro (5k Ranged) 90 Sephiroth (5k Melee) 100 Voldemort (5k Magic) Boss teles: 125 Abbadon (26,5k Melee) 150 Link (35k Melee) 175 Madara (43,5k Magic weapon + stone that turns it into a 57,5k Magic weapon +43.5k mage gear ) 200 Assassin (45k Melee) 225 Dead Bone (55k Ranged) 250 Blood Lord (60k Melee) 300 Samurai (70k Melee) 350 Baphomet (80k Melee / Magic weapon and 50k gear) 400 Thanos (100k Magic weapon + Stones that turns it into a better weapon) 475 Storm Breaker (85k Melee) 550 Barrelchest (105k Ranged) 650 Sasuke (100k Melee) 750 Chaos Elemental (120k Magic) 875 Devil Beast (140k Melee) 1000 Blessed God (160k Melee) 1150 Rose Eater (180k Melee) Ultra Bosses: 1300 Joker (190k Ranged) 1450 Darth Vader (215k Magic) 1650 Cloud Strife (240k Melee) 1850 Sora (285k Melee) 2100 Mysterio (330k Range) 2300 Whitebeard (360k Magic) 2600 Magma Satanic Devil (1.2M Melee Wep /Off hand + 700k Melee Cape) 2900 Trump (425k Ranged) 3200 Khestri (440k melee) 3500 Itachi Uchiha (480k magic) --- Master Chief (512k range) Global bosses: - No kill count required to kill these. - Global bosses respawn timer can be found in the 'quest tab' shown below. -Click then then you'll see their respawn timers,alternatively can type ::wb & Asaroth which spawns every 50.000 kills server wide. These also drop 1 guaranteed 'global mystery box' loots are listed below: Global Drops stats: Undead Gold Dragon (2.5m Ranged) Infinito (3.8M Melee) Beezlebub (4.5M Magic) Icy Vorago (5.5M Hybrid) Owner Pieces (1M Hybrid + 3% DR) Owner wings (1m Hybrid + 5% DR) Respect for our member Redrhodes for making most of this guide, i only reposted it with editing zone,stat and some info changes
  11. Kamoo

    Owner Aura

    I know this is old but i would like to +1 this suggestion πŸ™‚
  12. What is your in-game name? Kamoo, Kroxy on discord How old are you? 31 What role do you believe suits you best? Support, i believe starting from the bottom and working my way up gives a better impression. Why do you deserve this role? I can assist with helping the new members who joined recently about questions they may have with regards to ingame, and also i believe i'm the only one at GMT+8 timezone. What experience do you have being a staff member on any Runescape private server? Been every staff role except owner/co owner, highest was head admin. Do you consider yourself to be active on the forums & discord? Discord, i can be slightly more active but it's hard to when there isn't much going on. Likewise with the forum, activity doesn't mean replying on every single thread. What is your timezone? GMT+8 How active are you in-game? I was nowhere near as active as some of the OG people who haven't been on, but for reference i'm at whitebeards for kc requirements if that makes sense. Please write any extra information about yourself or your experience in the RSPS community ETC: So i've been playing different servers/versions over the years, and mostly started helping a friend with his server by fixing up discord etc. I won't say i'm well-known in the rsps community but i use the same name on discord for every server. I've fixed up discord servers for free for multiple servers over the years and a couple of invision forums, never asked for any compensation of any kind though i did get something like a $5 bond or something along that line in a server for helping with discord.
  13. Ripple

    Owner Aura

    Just wanted to put the idea out there of making the owner aura a collecting aura as well or maybe allowing for me to use other aura on it to make it collecting aura. Just some food for thought! :)
  14. -Infinity 317 Update Patch #22 14/10/21 New master chief boss - New plasma rifle, 1-tick attack speed, attacks fewer npcs at once than previous range weapons. - New halloween event, use ::hween to get there! - New halloween set with 250k universal stats, and +4 drop rate boost (mainly from drops) - New draconic set with 450k universal stats, and +5 drop rate boost (from drops and upgrading halloween gear) - New pumpkin set with 700k universal stats, and +6 drop rate boost (upgraded from draconic gear at 100% success rate) - New H'ween 2021 Mystery box with unique holiday items! - New halloween pets! BFG 9000, BFG 9000 off-hand, BFG 9000 Ultra, and BFG 9000 Ultra off-hand's stats have been increased. Global boss drop rates have been increased! Added prices to missing shop item values! Khestri's triple damage attack has been removed Baphomet's health has been increased Infinity point store prices have been adjusted Player owned shops can now only be used at ::home Vision gear's stats have been reduced Yellow partyhat has been added to the starter chest -Infinity 317 Update Patch #23 19/10/21 '- New Halloween Global Boss - Drops - Halloween Lord Set with 2m stats and 5% dr Speak to pumkin head at home for info! ::hwboss to fight! '- Pumpkin Cape Now Gives Correct 6% Drop Bonus
  15. '-Infinity 317 Update Patch #19 25/9/21 '-BFG 9000 Now Upgradeable Into BFG 9000 Ultra '-Correct Goku Model Inside DBZ Minigame '-Obliterator New Ranged Gun 2.4M Stats '-Owner Set Models All Now Show In Inventory '-Changed Buu On DBZ Minigame Interface '-fixed the mystery box interface to make it not close after you open one, and it now has only the "open" and "open all" buttons, if you open all with not enough room it just banks the loot (edited) '-slowed down attack speed on some dbz npcs '-you can no-longer claim donator ranks lower than your current rank. '-removed irrelevant trivia questions '-fixed damage boosts for pets '-buu no-longer 1-hits you '-Infinity 317 Update Patch #20 26/9/21 '- BFG ULtra now attacks with range '- Infinity 317 Management. '-Infinity 317 Update Patch #21 02/10/21 npcs at training zone now drop money bags which give 50b-1q each, rarer to get over like 100b tho owner cape effect now has a max hit of 2b and is fixed at globals you respawn at the zone you're in while at ::train now there's banks there and a portal to bandicoots you can now forge the mythical blade using 100 of both mythical shards book of banking item added to bank anywhere for 50b each use itachi has significantly less health now dbz boss attack speeds were slowed down some you can no-longer summon multiple shenron's removed the pet restrictions asaroth blade is fixed slayer's fixed itachi is now multi Have a great day and enjoy! Infinity 317 Management.
  16. Infinity 317 Update Patch #18 21/9/21 '- New Itachi Uchiha boss and mage set with 480k stats. '- New end-game Dragon Ball Z minigame (Requires 2750 mysterio kills to unlock). '- Goku gear has the guthan's set effect. '- Gogeta gear has the dharok's set effect '- ::stopupdate command just in case. '- Added more darth vader spawns. '- Vote keys now give up to 10q cash each time (rare). '- Melee is now more effective on ultra bosses. '- Raids reward calculations are now more fair towards players who've dealt less damage in the raid. '- Invictus gear is now tribrid. '- Invictus weapons now have 1.2m stats, and hit faster. '- 45s agro rings can now be sold to the junk shop. '- All known auto-gambling issues are now fixed. '- The DPS counter is now formatted down to the nearest million, billion, trillion, etc. '- You can now sell USA and Khestri gear to the general shop. '- Some items now have a minimum price in the player owned shops. '- All slayer master should now work properly '- Divine donators will now receive their monthly 50 infinity points. '- Infinity 317 Management.
  17. Titan

    Price Guide

    These prices may or may not be fully accurate just yet, they're just to give you an idea of what stuff is worth. Zeus armor: 125t - 175t Zeus weapon: 600t - 900t Link armor: 150t - 225t Wizard armor: 250t - 350t Madara fan: 400t - 600t Madara stone: 500t - 800t Madara fan (x): 900t - 1.3q Assassin gear: 225t - 375t Dead bone armor: 350t - 550t Dead bone bow: 1q - 1.5q Bone lord gear: 350t - 550t Samourai gear: 400t - 650t Baphomet gear: 350t - 550t Infinity gauntlet: 700t - 900t Infiity stones: 500t - 700t each Charged infinity gauntlet: 4q - 6q Storm breaker gear: 750t - 1q Storm breaker maul: 2q - 3q Aqantium gear: 1.25q - 2q Aqantium spirit shield: 4q - 6q Destruction gear: 1.5q - 2.25q Destruction spirit shield: 4q - 6q Staff of destruction: 8.5q - 12.5q Grandmaster gear: 1.5q - 2.5q Blessed gear: 2q - 3q Hell malevolent gear: 2.5q - 3.5q Joker gear: 3q - 5q Rocket launcher: 12.5q - 17.5q Darth vader gear: 4q - 6q Cloud strife gear: 3.5q - 5.5q Sora gear: 4q - 6q Mysterio gear: 6q - 8q Whitebeard gear: 7q - 9q Whitebeard staff: 17.5q - 22.5q Infernal cape: 25q - 35q Magma devil hammers: 30q - 40q USA Gear: 8q - 12q USA Minigun: 17.5q - 25q Khestri gear: 9q - 13q Khestri glaive: 25q - 35q Ring of aggression: - 45s: 350t - 650t - 1m30s: 850t - 1.5q - 2m30s: 3q - 5q - 4m: 10q - 15q - 7m: 30q - 50q - 10m: 80q - 120q - 15m: 200q - 300q.
  18. Infinity 317 Update Patch #16 04/9/21 Owner cape now has 1.25m stats, and 8% drop rate boost You can now purchase items from shops New maps for chaos elementals, dead bone guardians, and cloud strife. Everyone can now solo raids. Staff yell titles have been fixed Vote boss now spawns every 15 votes, and gives global mystery boxes. Drop rate bonuses have been added for vision gear, as well as global boss gear. You're now able to do slayer tasks up to Khestri. Drop rate boosts have been added to agro rings. Agro rings now work properly. Infinity 317 Update Patch #17 06/9/21 All Models Now Render Properly And No Longer Turn Invisible. Old Owner Set Is Back. Fullscreen and Resizable Now Fixed. Chatbox On Resizeable Now Recoloured. Greetings & Sincerely, The Infinity317 Management.
  19. Hey Everyone My Name Is Sm0k3 ! Me And My Friend , Alexy Decide To Create a Raids Community CC and Discord ! In this Discord , You Can Find Few Informations About Raids , Gear , Giveaways and More ! We Created That To Get Peoples In Raids , Also a Little Community ! Also , We Can Give Tips About Zones , MoneyMaking , Server Informations ! The Goal , is To be All Friends , Chill , Vibes and Also Helps The Community ! Im Gonna Leave U The Discord Link Right Here ! : https://discord.gg/UGcsTMwrFW Feel Free To Join , Dont Be Shy ! - Sm0k3 / - Alexy Owner Off Raids Family
  20. Neev


    Great suggestions! I fully agree on 2 , 3 ,5 and 6 I am pretty sure of what you said is being worked on, but those are needed! about the unlimited prayer I am not mistaken at certain donator level that is one of the perks. but maybe make items - gear drain your points slower. about the interface, I think it could be nice if it doesn't cause too much bugs.
  21. zazafied


    1. Thought it would be nice to be able to open the boss tele or player store, collection log ETC. while in combat and it not close. 2. Player owned shops. make it so I can see whos shop im looking in, quite annoying that it doesn't show me the players shops name I just have to try and remember whos it is lol. 3. Add junk store or grinding station, for unused gear ETC. the grinder can give coins, points, tokens, that could be used in a shop for miscellaneous items. 4. Prayer, make it so prayer doesn't run out, u can buy endless prayer pots but carrying them is annoying, also add in custom prayer for the different tiers of donators. 5. Voting, add donator to vote shop so tier one can be obtained by voting for server. 6. Clue scrolls, add different rewards to clue scrolls, once you get so far in the game they become useless even with upgrading them.
  22. Infinity 317 Update Patch #15 (31/8/21) New Asaroth Boss To Replace Raiden and Asaroth Set now Added βœ… Security Updates To Client & Server βœ… New Staff Zone βœ… Buffed Owner Sword Npc Attack Amount βœ… Buffed USA Minigun Attack Speed βœ… Added New Trivia Questions (Redrhodes) βœ… Added Deffensive Stats To Alot Of Armours βœ… Pets Attack Option Now Fixed βœ… Greetings & Sincerely, The Infinity317 Management.
  23. Redrhodes

    Trivia Answers

    Trivia Answers donabab Answer: Abbadon kiln Answer: Link oetmhabp Answer: Baphomet Who is the boss based off Naruto? Answer: Uchiha Madara Which is the best marvel character? Answer: Ironman Where can you find more server information, such as rules? Answer: Discord What slayer level is required for boss slayer? Answer: 92 What is the highest tier of pet on Infinity317? Answer: Dream How many different types of Infinity Stones are required to charge the Infinity Gauntlet? Answer: 6 Who's the Community Manager? Answer: Redrhodes What is the max level in a skill? Answer: 150 QUESTION_12("What should I do every day to help the server? Answer: Vote What drops indian gear? Answer: Dragon Guess a number 1-10? Answer: 1-10 speaks for itself. In what month did we release? Answer: august
  24. Infinity 317 Update Patch #14 (29/08/2021) Corrected upgrade data for agro rings, cursed sasuke, and blessed gear. βœ… Lowered KC requirements βœ… Made agro rings a lot more obtainable. βœ… You will no-longer plant black/white flowers. βœ… Marvel raid is now more doable βœ… Raids now give raid mystery boxes βœ… You can now operate agro rings to reset agro timer βœ… The new Looting amulet now gives 20% drop rate boost. βœ… You no-longer lose items on death in the wilderness βœ… Greetings & Sincerely, The Infinity317 Management.
  25. [Forum/Discord] Infinity 317 Update Patch #2 (28/08/2021) Forums: Updated Pet guide βœ… Updated Box loot guide βœ… Discord: Added support ticket system #help βœ… Added Invite tracking system #invites βœ… Added #spam-nfsw βœ… Greetings & Sincerely, The Infinity317 Management.
  26. [Forum/Discord] Infinity 317 Update Patch #1 (27/08/2021) Forums: Updated News & Announcements (update logs) βœ… Updated Avengers raid guide βœ… Updated Lay out of the official rules βœ… Cleaned up forums βœ… Discord: Updated #πŸ”—linksπŸ”— βœ… Added #πŸ“’rulesπŸ“’ βœ… Added #🎁giveaways🎁 βœ… Cleaned up #πŸ’‘suggestionsπŸ’‘ βœ… Added ballot_box_with_check to the implemented #πŸ’‘suggestionsπŸ’‘ βœ… Pinned Promotions in #πŸ“’announcementsπŸ“’ βœ… Greetings & Sincerely, The Infinity317 Management.
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